“ultimatly tame”

The best you know who you are

forgot your treason to choose

And in your trials, reason and haste

Contemplate’s dishes partake

The sceptor is holding your cow’s tongue

The grass has made, made you plain

Whenrever you parry for hopes of the past

The baker will toast a new lane—(it is cast

Whenrever your hopes inhibit such progress

let’s it  don’t you go swinging for last

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“Beepy” Oil!

Heather’s son asked her: “Why don’t we ever get BP gasoline?”

“Well, Jackson: it makes Mommy’s Car angry”

“Why would it do that, Mom?”

“BP Sells Beepy Gas!!!!!!!!!!!”  “..Ha-Hah.”



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Sentient Beings Collapse..

..because their bodiesce-apart. They don’t know of the Nothing

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